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"This book has opened so many new doors for me. It's a life-changing and game changer! It definitely helped my growth in my job and I got a raise 6 months ago. Also just got promoted 2 months ago and took over my boss' job!"

Robert Tran

The author cuts through the chase and delivers proven and straight forward solutions to the most common challenges professionals face at work and throughout their career. If you want to know how to succeed, this book is for you.

Dennis Mark

Vice President and General Manager, Fortune 100 Company

If you want to get a great head start in your career, this book is for you. The author shows you powerful solutions for handling work challenges and effective ways to fast track your career. Insightful, practical and interesting read with lots of real work examples. I highly recommend it.

Mari Young

Category Management Senior Director, Fortune 100 Company

Thriving At Work” is a must read not only for people starting out but even for seasoned professionals. It’s an easy to read book that provides great real-life examples of common work and career challenges as well as important life issues. Michael shared valuable insights and provides proven and practical solutions to these challenges.

Jay Subramanian

Vice President, Fortune 500 Company

Michael has codified his outstanding people management and coaching skills into highly readable and well organized roadmap for workplace success.  This is a great resource not only for new college grads, but also for those who are trying to jumpstart their careers.

Hilary Glann

Founder and Principal, Ilima Partners, LLC

Among the many great topics covered in this most useful book, I found the chapter on ‘How to Achieve Financial Independence’ to be a wonderful premier on a subject that is often overlooked.  Starting from the most basic, and often least followed, savings concept of “spend less than you make” to the more nuanced use of REIT’s to achieve wealth, the information presented here will certainly help in planning one’s wealth creation.

John E. Sharpe

Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC)

In the graduate school days, Michael used to give me invaluable advice in interpersonal relationships and insightful perspective to life after MBA. I am excited for those of you who will learn from what he has to say and embark on an enrichment journey throughout your career.

May Seeman

Former Chief Executive Officer, MEAG NY 

Much needed. It's about time someone wrote this book!

Bob Thomas

Vice President, DataWalk Inc.

Wish I'd had something like this when starting out. Concise, well organized and practical insight into work environments. Like having access to a personal career coach.

Chris Bennett

Retired, Vice President, NetApp

The timeless information in this book will be very useful for new graduates and working professionals now and many years in their career paths. This book is a good additional resource to universities, colleges, or vocational career centers. Educators and students will find practical applications of complex academic concepts.

Christopher H. Pham

Faculty, Electrical Engineering Department, SJSU; US Asian American Engineer of the Year, 2005

This book should have a prominent place on the book shelf of every person entering the workforce. One of a kind book with lots of real work examples, insightful and valuable suggestions to manage your career successfully.

Loretta Li-Sevilla

Senior Director, Fortune 100 Company

In the many years Michael and I worked together, I was very impressed with his ability to communicate, build consensus and lead in any situations. The insight I learned from Michael has been valuable to my career growth. It’s great that Michael is sharing his lifelong career wisdom, learnings and insights through this book. If you can put half of what’s in this book to practice, you will do very well in your career.

Paul Chou

Vice President, Foxconn Technology Group

Michael has written a very practical guide for anyone entering the workforce. This book covers critical soft skills that normally take years to learn. It is well organized and easy to read. I highly recommend it.

Ed Chow

Vice President, Fortune 500 Company 

With ‘Thriving At Work,’ you don’t have to learn the hard way to succeed at work and fast track your career. This book shows you how.

Raj Das

Senior Director, Seagate Company

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